Aussie Farmers Direct launches ‘Shop fair, eat fresh’ campaign to counter imported food


Article published on Mumbrella, 07. May 2015.

Grocery delivery service Aussie Farmers Direct has launched a nationwide campaign in a move to “jolt” consumers into buying local, rather than imported foods.

Created by Akkomplice Group Australia, the “Shop fair, eat fresh” campaign is fronted by The Farmer Wants a Wife host Natalie Gruzlewski and opens with a provocative question: “do you know where your food is really from?”

The campaign follows a recent hepatitis A scare when Patties Foods was forced to withdraw several Nanna’s frozen berry products after several Australians became sick from eating the Chinese-processed goods.

Aussie Farmers Direct said more than $12 billion of food is imported annually into Australia.

Aussie Farmers Direct CEO Keith Louie: “There has been a lot said about imported food recently, but now is the time for action. We at Aussie Farmers Direct are asking Australians to take a closer look at their groceries.

“We have the best farming in the world and yet an average shopping basket of 25 items has travelled a staggering 70,000 kms or almost twice around the world.”

The campaign is across TV, out of home, digital, PR and social media and coincides with a revamp of Aussie Farmers Direct’s online shopping experience.

Kenny Hill, managing director of Akkomplice said: “The work is designed to jolt people into rethinking their grocery shopping habits with some provocative messages, but also takes an optimistic stance by showing just how easy it is to try Aussie Farmers Direct and get behind Australian farmers.”

Original article on Mumbrella.

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