Akkomplice - Be Natural - Tanya Henessey-

Tanya Hennessy shows off her morning routine in new ads for Be Natural

Comedian and radio presenter, Tanya Hennessy, is the face of a new campaign for Be Natural, bringing a unique spin to the traditional cereal-pouring breakfast commercial.
27/10/2019/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice - Darrell Lea

Akkomplice wins creative account for Darrell Lea

Independent creative agency Akkomplice has won the creative account for iconic Australian confectionary brand Darrell Lea, taking on the role of lead agency.
20/05/2019/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice - Freightliner Trucks

An entertaining approach to marketing in the absence of new product news.

We’ve worked with our Daimler Truck and Bus Australia client to create online content that takes the traditional walk-around video up a gear for the iconic Freightliner truck brand.
19/05/2019/by Akkomplice
Pringles | Akkomplice creates first locally made Campagin for Pringles

Akkomplice creates first locally made campaign for Pringles

Melbourne-based independent creative agency Akkomplice is behind the first locally created outdoor campaign for snack brand Pringles.
08/04/2019/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice | Kellogg's - Changing engrained attitudes

Changing engrained attitudes? Keep it simple.

How do you take mature brands, in an established category, known for a specific and (not all that sexy) benefit and drive a 6.5% growth in baseline sales? Well, that’s exactly what our Kellogg's client managed to achieve ...
29/03/2019/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice - Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia asks Akkomplice to open the batting for International Women’s Day

Akkomplice has worked with Cricket Australia to deliver a content collaboration with International Women’s Day, calling on sporting clubs and communities ....
10/03/2019/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice - Madame Flavour

Madame Flavour hand picks Akkomplice for launch campaign

Leading premium tea brand Madame Flavour has appointed Melbourne independent agency Akkomplice to create a launch campaign for their new Australian black tea range.
15/10/2018/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice - Erin Brockovic & Kenny Hill

Mastering the art of persuasion, Brockovich style

Last night I had goosebumps and it was nothing to do with the cold Melbourne weather. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Shine Lawyers to spend the evening with ...
29/08/2018/by Akkomplice
Akkomplice - Kellog's Be Natural

Kellogg’s appoints Akkomplice to Be Natural creative

Kellogg’s has appointed Melbourne-based creative agency Akkomplice…
14/02/2018/by Akkomplice

Choice Hotels launches brand new ‘Need A Break’ campaign

Australian hotel franchise group Choice Hotels Asia-Pac has today…
21/06/2017/by Akkomplice

Aussie Farmers Direct Shows Families How To Take Care Of Dinner (And Farmers)

Aussie Farmers Direct has launched a new multi-channel brand…
21/02/2017/by Akkomplice

City Family Turns ‘Farmer’ in Latest Aussie Farmers Direct Campaign

Leaving farming and fresh food to the experts is the key message…
20/02/2017/by Akkomplice

Plush Sofas Continue Momentum With Major New Campaign

Plush Sofas continues to carve out a distinctive position with…
23/08/2016/by Akkomplice

Plush Sofas invites dogs onto the couch in new comfort campaign

Plush Sofas has launched a new campaign starring man’s best…
22/08/2016/by Akkomplice

Aussie Farmers Direct Unveils Fresh New Look

Aussie Farmers Direct, a decade-long, national trailblazer in…
05/02/2016/by Akkomplice

Akkomplice Manages To Make Tuna Look Sexy

Sirena is back on the small screen with a new campaign launching…
16/11/2015/by Akkomplice

Plush goes to the Dogs with the new Advertising from Melbourne based Agency Akkomplice

Plush Sofas is carving out a distinctive new position in the…
12/09/2015/by Akkomplice

Choice Hotels Asia-Pac Set to Roll Out New Brand

The new Choice Hotels Asia-Pac has announced at its annual conference,…
10/09/2015/by Akkomplice

Akkomplice Announces 3 New Business Wins

Akkomplice Group Australia has added three new clients to its…
31/08/2015/by Akkomplice

Aussie Farmers Direct launches ‘Shop fair, eat fresh’ campaign to counter imported food

Grocery delivery service Aussie Farmers Direct has launched a nationwide…
08/05/2015/by Akkomplice

Akkomplice Lands The Cream With Aussie Farmers Direct

Aussie Farmers Direct has appointed Akkomplice Group to handle…
28/02/2015/by Akkomplice

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