“We were delighted with the work and with getting Tanya on board, to represent what the brand stands for: an uncompromising belief in being real, doing what makes you happy and adding a little bit of everyday goodness along the way.”

Dan Bitti, Senior Marketing Manager
Kellogg Australia

Be Natural — Everyday Goodness for Real People

Breaking the mould of what “healthy” looks like to give everyday Aussies something they can actually relate to.

The Challenge
Be Natural had lost its way as a brand.  It was becoming invisible to the shopper – just another bland option in the oh-so-worthy line up of natural food options.  We had to find a way to be disruptive and encourage a broad audience of people to see at as more than just another bland and pretentious natural brand and therefore give it a go.

Our Solution
Working closely with the brand team, we convinced Kellogg’s leadership to allow a 180 degree turn in how Be Natural was being presented.  We set out to completely reposition Be Natural as a brand that truly offers everyday goodness for real people – away from all the pretentiousness of the natural category.  One that says: do what makes you happy, live the way you want, and if you can add a little healthy option along the way – awesome!

To front our TV and social media campaign, we brought in comedienne Tanya Hennessy, known and loved for her keep it real attitude and for never taking herself too seriously.  In the work we see Tanya enjoying Be Natural in a way that is a refreshingly fun change from the seemingly ‘perfect’ celebrity endorsement.

The work was first aired as a test in Victoria for 3 months at the end of 2019.  Brand awareness and sales increased well above the benchmark in the test market, giving Kellogg’s the confidence to expand the campaign nationwide this year.  We are extremely proud to have helped rescue Be Natural from a slow year-on-year decline, and breathe new life into the brand.

Mitch Kennedy (Director); The Producers (Production Company); Noelle Jones (Producer); Ack Kinmonth (Music Composition); MindShare (Media Planning/Buying);

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