“We challenged Akkomplice to raise the bar with the new Mystery Flavour promotion and we’re delighted with the result.  It’s engaging, it’s fun and it will make a great impact in the market.”

Melissa Tan, Senior Brand Manager
Pringles, Australia

Pringles — Provoking international audiences to ask WTF?

After helping Pringles to achieve the most successful new product launch in the last 2 years, with the launch of Pringles Minis, we were asked to take on a bigger challenge.  Working with the Pringles brand leadership team in Singapore, we were briefed to develop a new take on the mystery flavour mechanic.

Our remit: to develop the overall theme, packaging design and key visual for POS, along with digital campaign assets that would all work across several international markets from Korea to South Africa as well as here in ANZ.

The work aims to get people (and retail partners!) excited about trying the all-new, limited edition and having the chance to win $10,000 for correctly guessing the flavour. The promotion is now rolling out in retailers across the region, with an online clip teasing the release across social channels. To keep consumers engaged, each week of the promotion will see a quirky new video clue released, hinting at what the flavour might be in a uniquely Pringles way.

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to create the biggest promotion of the year for Kellogg’s biggest single brand, to run across so many markets.  Convincing the clients to allow us to mess with the iconic Mr P device on their packaging was a real design coup that we’re especially happy with.  Results are pending – watch this space…

Eric, Tom & Bruce (video production); Samantha Haines (producer)

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