Darrell Lea celebrates making it better through the decades

Darrell Lea has launched a new campaign via independent creative agency Akkomplice.

The campaign celebrates the role Darrell Lea has had in Australia’s history, having been around for almost 95 years.

The 60-second spot sees Australians through the decades being comforted by Darrell Lea’s Rocklea Road, which has been in the country since 1927. It includes a girl skinning her knee during the early 20th century, a soldier on the Front receiving a care package, children creating chaos during a family holiday celebration, and a present-day father comforting his child. Each moment ends in eating Darrell Lea’s iconic Rocklea Road flavour.

Sara Oteri, executive creative director at Akkomplice, said: “Darrell Lea as a brand is quite unique. They’re not just a household name; almost everyone you ask has a fond memory they can recall too. This campaign highlights just that, the moments Darrell Lea has been there – after all, there’s not much their sweet treats can’t make better.”

James Ajaka, CEO at Darrell Lea, said: “We are very proud of the Darrell Lea history and the many ways our products and brand have connected with Australians for almost 100 years. We are excited about bringing these stories to the forefront of our business and sharing them far and wide.”

The campaign will be on out-of-home, social, digital, and point of sale. Independent agency Rapid bought and planned the media.

Akkomplice’s previous campaign for Darrell Lea celebrated its palm oil-free status back in September 2020.

In May 2019, Darrell Lea cancelled its ‘No Worries Jan’ campaign after the Yellow Pages issued a cease and desist letter.


Darrell Lea (Client)—James Ajaka, Gabi Bishop, Johanna Campbell (Darrell Lea)

Akkomplice (Agency)—Kenny Hill (Founder & Creative Director), Sara Oteri (Executive Creative), Sonia McLaverty (Agency Producer), The Producers (Production Company), Mitch Kennedy (Director), Noelle Jones (Executive Producer), The Post Lounge (Post Production), Ack Kinmonth (Composer), Rapid Media (Media)

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