In the first 3 months of the campaign, the website had over 75,000 visits and Choice were able to enjoy over 20% growth in reservations made directly through their website – lessening their reliance on the aggregator sites such as Expedia.

Choice Hotels — Need at little break

Although their hotels were busy with business travellers during the week, Choice Hotels needed to boost weekend leisure stays.  And whilst the dominant aggregators such as and Expedia dominate leisure travel bookings, Choice wanted to increase bookings made directly through their own site.

The solution? We focused on the insight that everyday Aussies and Kiwis have a staggering 134 million days of annual leave accrued between them, and are amongst the highest stressed workers in the developed world.

With the evidence showing that getting away for a short break is one of the best ways to alleviate the anxiety and stress, we took an arresting, but light-hearted approach to provoke a response amongst our audience.

We launched the campaign with exclusive editorial segments on Australia and New Zealand’s highest rating breakfast shows, with experts and presenters discussing the issue and the research commissioned by Choice Hotels.

Coupled with this exposure, our work ran across TV, outdoor, online channels and in-flight magazines targeting leisure travellers.  We even re-branded a JetStar plane.  With everything pointing towards our website with trip planners, hotel profiles and short-break ideas.

Mitch Kennedy (director); Jon Webb (photographer); The Producers (production company); Noelle Jones (producer); Ack Kinmonth (music); Gravia (media planning/buying)

Akkomplice | Choice Hotels - Need a little break
Akkomplice | Choice Hotels - Need a little break
Akkomplice | Choice Hotels - Need a little break

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