“The campaign has been a great success in convincing Aussies and Kiwis that going meat free doesn’t mean going taste free.”

Dan Bitti, Senior Marketing Manager
Kellogg Australia

MorningStar Farms — Un-Meat your midweek

The Challenge
How do you convince meat-loving Aussies and Kiwis to try a frozen plant-based burger and mince brand they’ve never heard of – even if it’s the no1 seller in North America?

Our Solution
There’s a growing interest for a meat-free lifestyle, but not everyone wants to be totally vegetarian. It turns out that Almost half the nation are considering eating more plant-based meals, but for most, they don’t know how to go ‘meat free and it can all feel a bit daunting.

So, to appeal to the growing groundswell of “flexitarianism” we developed the “un-meat your midweek” idea as an invitation to simply give MorningStar Farms a go. The campaign presents the range as a delicious and oh-so-easy option that can easily be tried as part of your normal weekly eating repertoire.

We first launched the brand with the campaign in New Zealand late 2019, and in Australia this year with outdoor, and social media content, including videos of recipes developed by Akkomplice ECD and former Masterchef finalist, Sara Oteri.

The extension now onto TV builds on the success of this campaign, putting a plant-based spin on some classic dinnertime favourites including Spaghetti Bolognese and Tacos.

From a standing start in a limited set of retailers, the brand has secured enough trial amongst consumers to gain listing in major national retailers and looks set to continue to grow as the campaign unfolds.

Jono Cowan and Jake Weatherson (DOP and Producer, Moo Motion); Zenit (media); Alf Lee (copywriter); Kirsty Bryson & Sara Oteri (styling and food styling); Georgia Gold (photography)

Akkomplice | Morning Star Farms, Un-meat your midweek
Akkomplice | Morning Star - Un-meat Auckland
Akkomplice | Morning Star Farms, un-meat your midweek
Akkomplice | Morning Star Farms, un-meat freezer aisle

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