Cricket Australia asks Akkomplice to open the batting for International Women’s Day

Akkomplice has worked with Cricket Australia to deliver a content collaboration with International Women’s Day, calling on sporting clubs and communities around the world to continue to work towards gender balance.

Akkomplice - Cricket Australia

The film, shot at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, depicts kids expressing their love for their cricketing heroes between cuts of fast paced action sequences of an unidentifiable player. While many assumptions could easily be made up front, the clip reveals it’s the women’s team they are talking about and the player we’ve been seeing is Meg Lanning.

The campaign, starring Australian captain Meg Lanning, calls on sporting clubs and organisations to share their efforts to drive #BalanceforBetter, in line with the 2019 theme with International Women’s Day. Lanning shares Australian Cricket’s goal to break the world record for the highest attended standalone women’s sporting event* at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final on International Women’s Day next year, March 8 2020.

 “It’s not every day that you get to work with the captain of Australia, on the grounds of the MCG, so this was a great privilege for us.  It was also great to see how genuinely the kids we spoke to adore their cricket and the women’s team in particular,” said Kenny Hill, Founder & Creative Director of Akkomplice.

Akkomplice - Cricket Australia
Akkomplice - Cricket Australia
Akkomplice - Cricket Australia

Sarah Styles, Head of Female Engagement, Cricket Australia, added:“Throughout 2019, we are focused on building momentum towards this historic moment in time that will see women’s equality in sport forged through the 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Final – a crucial next step towards achieving gender balance in cricket. We are thrilled with the creativity and resourcefulness of Akkomplice and the Jump Productions team in helping this project come to life.”

Australian Cricket is at the forefront of promoting gender equality in sport, led by the world champion Australian Women’s Cricket Team. Aspiring to become Australia’sLeading Sport For Women And Girls, Cricket Australia has complemented its collaboration with International Women’s Day with the release of its second Press For Progress Report, in line with its commitment to transparently report on the progress of women and girls in cricket.

*Current world record of 90,185 was set at the 1999 FIFA Women’s (Soccer) World Cup final, played between the USA and China at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, USA.

Akkomplice - Cricket Australia

Cricket Australia – Sarah Styles (head of female engagement); Kristene Reynolds (senior manager, strategic communications)

Kenny Hill & Sara Oteri (creative); Natalie Taylor (agency producer); Kane Grey (senior account director); JUMP Productions (production company); Greta Nash (director); Max Walter (DOP); Jennie McCartney & Gabrielle McLeod (producers); Bang Bang (sound)

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