“Akkomplice has been the valued long term creative partner of Sirena. We are always impressed with their work and how they passionately embrace our goals and objectives for Sirena. Kenny and the team just get it!”

Jeff Sloan
General Manager, Iconic Food Distribution

Sirena — Masterbrand 2020

Like many fmcg brands, Sirena is facing the “curse of commoditization”. With competitors resorting to more frequent and deep price promotions, shoppers are starting to see brands as more interchangeable, based on whoever happens to be on special at the time.

To combat this, we created a beautiful new campaign in order to firmly re-establish Sirena’s status as the leading tuna brand for quality and taste.

Inspired by our Italian heritage and passion for quality, the styling of the campaign is timeless, with an edge of sophistication. Instead of the category norm of staged food shots, we engaged one of Australia’s top photographers to capture candid vignettes of the pleasure that comes from enjoying great food.

We paired the b&w imagery with Italian expressions and an unashamedly bold use of the iconic pack art. Simple. Engaging. Effective.

And instead of run of the mill recipe videos, we crafted highly engaging “trailers” for the recipes, to engage and inspire viewers follow the recipes on our overhauled brand site and add Sirena to their shopping list.

The results so far? 6 weeks into the campaign and Sirena has recorded the largest ever month of sales since the brand launched in 1956. Buonissimo!

Lynton Crabb (photography); Abjet (video production); Online Circle Digital (social media); Media33(media planning & buying)

Akkomplice | Sirena Tuna Ad
Akkomplice | Sirena Tuna Ad
Akkomplice | Sirena Tuna Ad
Akkomplice | Sirena Tuna Ad

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