“This was a hugely important event and Akkomplice knocked it out of the park, stealing the show for Daimler.”

Greg Lovrich, Director Network Operations
Daimler Truck & Bus Australia Pacific Ltd.

Daimler—Brisbane Truck Show 2021

The Challenge
The bi-annual Brisbane Truck Show is the biggest event in the transport industry calendar, attracting media, industry leaders and customers across a 4-day event. It’s also likely to be the biggest auto show anywhere in the world this year.

2021 represents a turning point for the Daimler Truck business in Australia, with all three of its core brands (Freightliner, Fuso and Mercedes-Benz) fielding more competitive model line ups than ever before.

We needed to raise the profile of the Daimler brand and assert a leadership position Vs the competitors, whilst allowing the individual badges to showcase their own unique identities.

Our Solution
We set out to present a united Daimler presence to the industry rather than 3 separate brands loosely sitting together as neighbours.

Working with our architecture partners, McCartney Design and production build specialist Impeller, we created a unified stand where all the Daimler brands could shine, but where visitors would be left in no doubt that Daimler is bigger than the sum of its parts.

We designed everything to maximise impact but also visitor flow throughout the stand – to draw people in and around the exhibit, with plenty of audio-visual displays to bring new technology and features to life. Comfortable areas were included for Daimler staff to engage with media and customers away from the hustle and bustle that comes with such a big event, whilst dedicated areas for support services such as Finance, HR and Servicing were a first.

The Outcome
Daimler stole the show. The industry press described it as the most impressive and most professional of the whole event and our clients claimed it as their best ever. Moreover, although the show is about lining up future sales and relationship building, Daimler nonetheless sold an unprecedented $2.5m+ of new trucks across their range there and then.  Not a bad ROI in anyone’s book!

Gary McCartney and Tarquin Willis — McCartney Design (architects); Adrian Caddeye — Impeller (event production); RM Williams (uniforms).

Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of the Daimler Truck stand can be viewed here

Akkomplice | Daimler — Brisbane Truckshow 2021

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