“Akkomplice did a fantastic job in immersing themselves in the Hydralyte brand. They understood our vision with ease and brought it to life, translating a seemingly complex topic in a simple, approachable way for everyday Australians. We are proud to have partnered with them on this campaign.”

Joan Isaac, Marketing Manager

Hydralate—faster than water alone

We’ve all turned to a Hydralyte from time to time, be it to rehydrate after a big night or when nature starts calling too frequently. But Hydralyte wanted to change their perception in the market from a ‘when you’re feeling sick’ product, to an everyday solution to staying hydrated. So they called on us to assist.

The truth is, hydration isn’t something we really think about. In fact, 80% of Australians are dehydrated and wouldn’t know it. So if we don’t know it, why would we feel compelled to act upon it?

Our solution was to humanise an historically clinical brand and leverage a compelling truth for a product most of us believe we don’t need every day. Whether you feel it or not, the average person loses up to 3 litres of water everyday… doing nothing, really.

The campaign focuses on the mundane daily tasks we do, portrayed in a comically hyper athletic way, to demonstrate that you don’t need to exert yourself to become dehydrated. So supercharge your water with Hydralyte—it rehydrates you faster than water alone.

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