“We love the unexpected, entertaining approach that Akkomplice took. The work delivers on all the important key features and benefits whilst crucially, and unusually for this type of content, puts the buyer into the narrative.”

Rhett Beere, Marketing Manager
Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner Trucks — Walkaround Videos

We worked with Daimler Truck and Bus Australia to create online content that takes the traditional walk-around video up a gear for its iconic Freightliner brand.

The Problem
With the Coronado 114, Columbia CL112 and Argosy models revving with features, Freightliner wanted to ensure potential customers didn’t miss a spec.

The problem is, these aren’t new trucks. Since they’ve been in market for a few years, many drivers and potential buyers think they’ve seen it all before. Fresh content was required that didn’t feel familiar and would brake the mould of boring, long-winded walk-around videos.

Our Solution
In a suite of funny videos featuring young boys and girls playing the roles of site-managers, drivers and business owners – we see the little tuckers all talking truck lingo and focusing on what matters to Aussie truck buyers.  

The videos are being rolled out through digital channels as part of a larger retail campaign targeting potential buyers. Smart social media placement is also being employed to reach the broader trucking industry. 

Natalie Taylor (producer); Richard Hamer (director, HM creative); Bang Bang Studios (sound)

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