The Challenge
Totally Workwear, Australia’s largest supplier of Trade, Safety and Uniform gear, came to us to help them identify and celebrate their brand DNA. 

This DNA would then shape a completely new retail trading plan and position the business for future growth.

Our Solution
Instead of just selling workwear, we created a brand positioning that celebrates the worker. Whilst Trade, Safety and uniform gear is what Totally Workwear sells, ‘Love Your Work’ is what they celebrate. 

More than just an advertising campaign, ‘Love Your Work’ is now at the heart of the whole company, steering an approach to everything Totally Workwear does.

Akkomplice also created a suite of over 200 new ‘Love Your Work’ branded instore and promotional assets for Totally Workwear stores to individually access via a new campaign HUB, built and managed by the agency

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